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Blog Entry: Affiliate for Stacksocial and Avangate Product Sales

Posted: 23 Jul 2022 04:19 AM PDT

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At the Tech Now's group of sites – The Daily Mac View, New Mac View and Tech Today Review – we are not just bringing you information via articles but we have affiliated ourselves with Stacksocial (fantastic software etc at great discounts) and Avangate (software solutions) to provide a wider range of offerings but at a discount.


Stacksocial provides excellent individual or bundle solutions at tremendous discounts. Every day, they present us and then we you, the daily products for sale. You will find that not only will past products have a good run time but every day something new will appear which maybe exactly what you're looking for.

Due to the method of delivery, we suggest checking the Software Sales section daily or every other day to see what has gone up for sale. I think you will be pretty surprised by the depth of offerings but further the discounts are tremendous (generally anywhere from 50% off to 95% off and sometimes for lifetime solutions). These sales really are not to be missed.


Avangate provides a broad range of solutions spanning a wide variety of function. All Avangate solutions have been discounted by the Tech Now (Daily Mac View etc) to provide you with a different range of solutions.

Current Offerings Oriented to Building your Video Library

Currently, you can find the Avangate solutions under "Exclusive Software" on the New Mac View and Daily Mac View sites. What you will find is a different range of video converting software for handling your videos, a backup solution Retrospect for protecting your library of videos and a cataloguing solution from DEVONthink called DEVONthink Pro Office. DEVONthink can of course do any number of things providing a powerful knowledge management system (paperless office, cataloguing, note taking, AI helped database etc).

With the above comprehensive set of tools you can:

  • Capture video
  • manipulate video for different playback solutions
  • build your own extensive video library
  • remove DRM from iTunes movies
  • protect your collection with one of the most powerful Mac backup systems called Retrospect
  • Catalogue your library and so much more with DEVON think Pro Office

Value Add

Tech Now's group of sites is primarily driven to provide you with information on the Apple environment and any tech at the personal level be it Android, Blackberry, Windows etc. The information may be an in depth article or a news release or a commentary on what's taking place in the industry.

However, 0ur idea was to provide more in the way of value added functions such as the ability to shop for great software at good prices or discuss with each other in an open forum your thoughts on a topic. We are also open to other people's work if you would like us to consider it for publication.

We also love feedback, positive and negative to bring you more of what you want.


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

On January 5, 2022, we're making some changes to our Terms of Service. These changes won't affect the way you use Google services, but they'll make it easier for you to understand what to expect from Google — and what we expect from you — as you use our services.

You can review the new terms here. At a glance, here's what this update means for you:

  • More clarity on what you can expect from Google and what we expect from you: We're providing more examples to describe the mutually respectful conduct that we expect from all our users.
  • Improved readability: While our terms remain a legal document, we've done our best to make them easier to understand, including reorganizing some topics so that they're easier to find.

If you use Family Link to manage a Google Account for someone else, please take some time to talk to them about these changes.

Thank you for using Google!

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Daily Automotive

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Daily Automotive

E-commerce logistics: all the possibilities and advantages in one list

Posted: 10 Dec 2020 01:31 AM PST

Web based business logistics is one of the most basic parts to an online store, yet costs keep on rising each year. Expanded online deals push up interest and breaking point accessible cargo limit, with expanding guidelines, wages and representative deficiencies driving costs upwards too.

Additionally, rising client desires for conveyance can make things considerably more troublesome. High transportation costs are the number 1 explanation behind European customers to forsake their trucks, with moderate conveyance being the following motivation to bail.

So what would you be able to do about this? Finding the correct harmony among benefit and consumer loyalty with your internet business logistics can be incredibly testing. In this article, we investigate the distinctive logistics procedures for your online store and how you can exploit these numerous conceivable outcomes.

Web based business logistics: how to capitalize on unlimited conceivable outcomes as an online store

In the event that your logistics isn’t set up in the most ideal manner, odds are that your transformations will endure. Your lone choice will be to make forfeits and bargains, bringing about high as can be calculated expenses.

Examination shows that overall, an online retailer spends between 20-40% of their turnover on logistics. This incorporates costs for capacity, request picking, pressing, delivery and returns.

What just builds the expenses is the way that you can’t recuperate them from the shopper. The present requesting (read: ruined) client has no aim of paying delivery or bring costs back. What’s more, these clients have a lot of occasion to look for elective online stores selling similar items when they see high conveyance costs, with more than 800,000 online stores in Europe alone.

On the off chance that you run an online store selling gems from your home, you can lessen costs by performing logistics tasks yourself. However, that is a unimaginable undertaking for stores that cycle numerous requests every week.

Additionally, it diverts you and removes time from what you definitely should be focussing on: producing more change.

In what capacity can significant players like the Dutch store Coolblue, or style goliath ASOS control logistics expenses and still make a solid benefit? Furthermore, how might you best do this as a more modest or fair sized business? Is re-appropriating the key, or is it now and then smarter to keep logistics in-house?

In short: what are your choices as an online retailer?

What are the E-trade logistics alternatives for online stores?

You can set up the logistics cycle differently:


Satisfaction (e-satisfaction)

Utilizing your own logistics framework

Going into an agreement with a transporter

Utilizing a computerized logistics stage

We are glad to clarify these alternatives for you in this article, just as their points of interest and drawbacks!

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is another term for direct transportation, which in a real sense signifies ‘resale’. In the event that your online store utilizes outsourcing, you decide to offer items that you don’t stock yourself.

When a request comes in, you request the item from the producer or provider who at that point sends it straightforwardly to the client.

dropshippingAdvantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing offers various points of interest. First spot on the list: you don’t need to possess stock, you don’t need to purchase items and subsequently you don’t need to lease a stockroom.

The provider is answerable for all cycles and costs identified with stock administration, item preparing and delivering. Correctly the things that drive up your logistics costs.

Notwithstanding low dangers and restricted expenses, as a drop transporter you have another large bit of leeway: you can grow your reach whenever and the plan of action is profoundly adaptable.

Sounds like the ideal answer for each online retailer, isn’t that so?

Hindrances of outsourcing

So for what reason isn’t each online store consequently a drop transporter? Basic: on the grounds that there are likewise a few downsides to outsourcing, for example,

A great deal of rivalry

Little overall revenues

No impact on conveyance and client experience

To pull in clients, online stores can’t try not to offer items at low costs. This makes the generally humble net revenue – a huge piece of which goes to the provider – significantly more modest. Overall revenues generally shift somewhere in the range of 15% and 40%, contingent upon the kind of item.

Also, you have no contact with the client, so you can’t add to the client experience. Nor would you be able to impact the conveyance – particularly its speed.

What is e-satisfaction?

web based business logistics efulfilment

Another type of reevaluating is satisfaction (or e-satisfaction with regards to online stores).

It’s an aggregate name for the cycle your online store experiences: from putting away and overseeing stock, handling requests and request picking to delivery the item to the client, including any profits. E-satisfaction organizations have the in-house innovation, mastery and quality control to improve the logistics cycle from start to finish.

Some (enormous) online stores re-appropriate the logistics cycle to e-satisfaction organizations. Regardless of whether it costs a ton of cash, it’s critical to numerous online retailers that they don’t invest energy on logistics. They want to zero in altogether on the center business and development of the organization.

Preferences of e-satisfaction

Dissimilar to outsourcing, where the provider claims the stock, the items utilized in e-satisfaction are possessed by the online retailer. That implies you as an e-satisfying retailer need to contribute more capital than a drop transporter.

Then again, you have a superior diagram of your stock and hold control of the business cycle.

Also, maybe the main preferred position: since you own the items, you profit by higher net revenues. In short: a worthwhile procuring model.

Weaknesses of e-satisfaction

Including a satisfaction accomplice isn’t modest. This is additionally the motivation behind why this technique is utilized only by huge online stores that have adequate venture capital and work with enormous volumes.

Also, you as the online retailer are liable for buying items with all the monetary dangers that involves.

At last, as an online retailer utilizing e-satisfaction, similarly likewise with outsourcing, you have no influence over the logistics cycle. On the off chance that there are no disappointed clients, that is okay. Additional irritating is the contrary situation: your accomplice submits slip-ups and questions pour in, costing you clients. All things considered, disappointed clients tend not to return.

If you are looking for ecommerce shipping india then fret not, Shipyaari is the apt e-commerce logistics solution. They transport what is needed to be transported from one part of the world to other via various delivery methods

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