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Top 10 best car seat covers for long distance driving

Posted: 16 Apr 2020 04:11 PM PDT

we all love driving and especially when doing long-distance drives we get very excited but our old car seat covers become hinders in our journey and makes us tired, upset and moody because of the uncomfortable plastic, rigid seats and not so nice looking interior. To solve all these problems, we have to stay positive and look for the best car seats covers for long-distance driving.

So if you are looking for new car seat covers look no further as you are in the right place to solve your problem. Here you will find the best budget car seat covers as well as best ergonomic car seat covers, premium quality, high comfort, long-lasting and much more that you will need for best long drive experience.

Best stylish car seat covers or we can say best car seat cover for driving long hours are very essential both for your body and mind, in this so stress full life we all need comfort so why not make your car your comfort zone.

Here is the list of best car seat covers for the long-distance drives also best car seat covers for summer: 

1.     ANKIV 2pcs Universal Fit Car Seat covers

  • Stylish design and eco-friendly breathable material
  • provide enhanced comfort and support for your back and hip while driving a long trip
  • made from premium quality PU Leather, Rayon Cotton, and Artificial Silk
  • Ergonomically designed 2 front car seat covers with elite fixed pillows
  • Very easy to install: the package comes with installation instruction

The leather feels strong and durable. The stitching is a good quality in this case you are getting what you paid for in my opinion. It was very classy looking. Though I absolutely love the color, the only thing I did not quite like was how quickly it picked up color from dark clothing.

The red and black combination looks very stylish and gives your car a premium look and for long driving, these are very comfortable. Waterproof Pu Leather and Breathable Artificial Silk Car Seat Covers Trims with Fixed Lumbar Pillows give you all comfort you need in long-distance driving.

Buy it Here!

2.ANKIV Full Set Universal Fit 5 Seats Car

  •  Stylish design and eco-friendly material, made from premium quality Microfiber Polyurethane leather 
  • Much more durable and comfortable than most similar products out there
  • 5 seats, a full set
  • The front seat covers have back storage pockets
  • Car seat heating, ventilation, and airbag function can be used normally after installed.

If you are looking for a full set of comfortable quality and premium looking car seat covers for long distances drive then they are the best package comes will things like a pillow, storage pocket, headrest and much more.

If you want to change covers of all your seats of the five-seater car then they are good for that they will change your car interior look tremendously every one sitting in your car get the feel of a luxury car and you will enjoy your long driver very much.

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3.     INCH EMPIRE Car Seat Cover

  • Easy to clean with the wet cloth
  • Convenient pocket for keys or phone on the front lap, backside 
  • The surface layer is good quality 0.9mm thick artificial leather
  • Center sponge layer is 9mm thick keeps the covers in good shape after a long-time use
  • Waterproof Leatherette Cushion with Built-in Lumbar Support

Includes 2 front bucket seats covers with Built-in Lumbar Support, 2 front headrest covers, Adjustable back seat covers. a small bag of steel hooks and round plates for install. The product was pretty good, especially for the price.

 As you can see it looked pretty good the elastic straps, however, are slightly not so good. These can be replaced, however, so not a deal-breaker. Honestly from the most part, I really liked these seat covers.

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4. FH Group PU205SOLIDBEIGE102 Solid Beige PU205102

  •  Front bucket covers are intelligently designed with top zipper opening and elastic trim edges to offer adjustment for a tight snug fit
  • Super easy installation, simply put the covers on and they will stay in place
  • Non-slip silicone interior keeps the cover in place so you can get in and out worry-free
  • The side less design allows integrated airbag compatibility
  • Adjustable length fits benches 50-58 inches long

They are unlike any other, designed to give you a high-class aesthetic while the exceptionally plush underlining provides you with supreme comfort. Top-quality faux leather backed with thick, high-density foam to create top resilience.

The vinyl is a nice thickness and has a foam back on it, not too thick but thick enough for the seating and back to be comfortable. I also like how the seat and back piece wrap around the top and front of the seat nicely, and they do come with 4 elastic straps and hooks to secure the seat a little better

Buy It Here !

5. Land Rover Universal 5-Seats Car Seat Covers 

  • Suitable for most 5-seats cars
  • It can protect your original car seat leather from being soiled or damaged and can cover the damaged car seat.
  • The stylish color scheme makes your car look more high-end and stylish, soft, and thick seat cover Increased driving comfort
  • Ultra-safe design, seat belt slot is reserved, airbag pop-out is reserved
  • The leather will not fade, it will not peel off, it is waterproof, breathable, has no odor

Super wear-resistant leather, soft and comfortable texture, clear lines and breathable.

The original seat that can protect your car will not be worn out, it can be disassembled at any time, easy to install, universal for four seasons, cool in winter and cool in summer, super durable.

Very durable and long-lasting leather gives your hard seats a comfortable feel with cushion and pillows for your back and neck giving you extra comfort and nice look to your car. it deserves a place in Best car seat cover for a long drive.

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6. INCH EMPIRE 2 Front Car Seat Cover Waterproof with Built-in Lumbar Support

  • Includes 2 front bucket seat covers, 2 front 360° Wrap headrest covers,
  • Easy install with Video and paper instruction, usually takes 10-20minutes.
  • seats, Convenient pocket for keys or phone on the front lap, backside also storage for books.
  • sit in feeling like a foam surrounding. The bottom layer is suede-like fabric cloth, gently protect the seats.
  • Free replacement if any defect found on any piece, and no need to return the original one.

You have a new car, either leather or fabric seats originally, install these 2 front seats covers to protect them from dirty or scratch. If you have an old car with worn-out seats, try this soft comfortable feeling seat cushion, it will make your interior fresh new.

Dirty proof good quality man-made leather material, soft and in shape makes your car a brand-new style and more elegant. the seller mentioned you can request ‘custom’ size for larger vehicles for free 

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7.FH Group Universal Fit Full Set Flat Cloth Fabric Car Seat Cove

  • includes 2 front buckets, 1 set rear bench, 4 headrest covers
  • Universal application fits almost all seats (Cars, Trucks, Vans, & SUV)
  • Materials are Made from Durable & Comfortable Breathable High-Quality Fabric- Easy to Clean Machine washable, Air dry
  • Helps Protect a Nice Seat or Disguise an Old One
  • Your satisfaction is our utmost goal; every product and service we offer at FH Group is to make your life easier and more enjoyable

Colorful blocks of color add a pop of fun and inject new life into your vehicle. Our high-quality fabric is super soft and is backed by 3mm of breathable foam to disperse heat and keep you feeling cool and looking cool. It comes in ten colors. 

What is your favorite? Sustains your automobile interior upholstery. Concealed Velcro opening and adjustable straps help installation, removal, and reattachment. Compatible with removable headrests only. Durable stretchy fabric with opening pocket for storage.

Buy It Here !

8. INCH EMPIRE Car Seat Cover

  • Removable front headrest covers. Adjustable back seats cover to fit all 5 seats cars’ lengths.
  • Whole protect of the pedestal and Suede backing guarantee no-slip and anti-skidding.
  • Environmental-friendly PU leather, wear-resistant, no smell, will not scratch even use a key or scissors, and have a longer use duration, will not peel in the lifetime.
  • Easy installation and easy to keep clean, only need wet cloth to wipe the seat covers.
  • Warranty: accept no-reason FREE return in 30 days after receiving. 

These things are beautiful, are easy to clean, and help to keep mess and grime off your stock seats. specifically, for travel around easier to vacuum/wipe down. These are durable enough that pets down destroy them, but they will get not get damage. 

All the reviews that say to get a professional to install are completely correct. Depending on your car model and seat design, you will need extra help or tools to get the job done.

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9. Neosupreme Deluxe Quality Car Seat covers 

  • Package Includes: 2 Front Seat Cushions, 2 Headrest covers, and 1 Free Air Freshener
  • Material: Neosupreme – a less expensive alternative to Neoprene. Cleaning Tips: Machine Washable, gentle cycle, Air Dry
  • Anti-slip backing to keep them in place
  • Water-resistant and long-lasting
  • Designed in the U.S.

They are nice looking seat cover and very comfortable. I have researched and looked in the seat covers probably for about two months before I decided on these. It is extremely difficult to purchase good quality things but if you purchase them then you will not regret.

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10. KKmoon 9pcs Car Seat Cover, Universal Fit

  • The fabric is good, there is a small layer of sponge underneath which makes it softer and more comfortable, the hooks are plastic and very resistant.
  • This car seat cover helps protect your seat against dust and dirt.
  • High quality, washable, and durable to use. Easy to install and clean.
  • Comes with a storage bag, can be folded into it when not in use.
  • Quantity: 1 set = 2 front seats + 2 rear seat + 5 headrests

If you are on a tight budget and looking for high comfortable car covers then go for them. They are best for a five seaters car as they come with all the necessary things and of course, covers to give your car a new stylish and high comfort look.

Long-distance drive makes you tired but with these covers your driving will become very comfortable that will make you drive for more and more long hours and larger distance

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Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Posted: 08 Apr 2020 09:49 AM PDT

The best thing about owning a pet or to be exact owning a dog is the love and joy you get when they are around you, I own a British bull dog and she is the fun and joy of our home that's why we want the best for her and I am sure every pet owner would want the same as a pet should be a member of your family.

 With our dog everywhere around our home and in our car, we needed a way of reducing the amount of hair that she leaves behind. Fortunately, the reduce time cleaning up all the time we found some car seat covers that we had a choose in choosing and that we rated so that maybe you could consider them too.

You know, purchasing the correct one isn’t, in every case, simple. That is the reason we’ve done all the hard work for you and found the best 10 dog car seat covers that are the best of the pack.

1- 4Knines Front Seat Cover for Dogs – USA Based Company

1- 4Knines’ products offer exceptional high-quality craftsmanship and are easy to clean and maintain. They design their products to outperform and outlast the competition. Made with a thick yet lightweight nylon frontside and a grippy silicone liner on the back, this excellent car seat cover is the ideal method to secure your lovely dog’s seat. The utterly waterproof material keeps soil and mud contained, while the three-section stay framework holds it set up.


  • Easy to install
  • Heavy duty
  • Waterproof

2- AMOFY Dog Seat Cover for Car Back Seat, Machine Washable, Dog Hammock Scratch-Proof, Waterproof, Non-Slip, Durable Portable Car Back Seat Protector for Cars, Trucks, SUVs

This lounger style dog seat cover is a unique method to keep your back seat sitting arrangement comfortably, secured, clean (and the back of your front seats, as well). It’s developed with strong, completely waterproof polyester and Oxford fabric, in addition to a silicone-polyester liner on the back. It provides a bridge over the passenger seat area, which gives your dog the secureness of not falling of the seat. Its fully washable and now only comes in gray which is a nice color for most cars.


  • Durable fabrics
  • Non slip, water proof
  • User friendly

Follow the link to get this:

3- Deluxe Quilted and Padded Dog Car Seat Cover with Non-Slip Back Best for Car Truck and SUV – Make Travel with Your Pet Always an Option – 3 Sizes and Colors (Black, Grey, Taupe)

This is an incredible decision for your dog. This cover is beautiful, It’s made with a fine sheet of robust 75-denier polyester that includes a water-repellent structure within the fabric with stable stitching to complete it off. The machine-washable material is claw proof, and the straps are flexible.  As a bonus, it comes with an extra cover to drape over the back of the front seats for added protection.


  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Easy to install
  • Claw proof

Follow the link to get this:

4-   Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers Unique Design & Full Car Protection-Doors, Headrests & Backseat. Extra Durable Zippered Side Flap, Waterproof Pet Seat Cover + Seat Belt & 2 Headrest Protectors as a Gift

This full seat cover brings extraordinary headrest defenders, a wrap for the rear of the front seats, and a new entryway spread with the goal that for all intentions and purposes. The four-layer polyester is sufficiently thick to keep your dog’s paws from scratching the seats, and the back has elastic work to shield it from sliding around. This cover is reasonable priced with tag the is right for this standard of product.


·      Claw proof

·      Easy to assemble

Follow the link to get this:

5-  Amazon Basics Waterproof Car Back Bench Seat Cover Protector for Pets – 56 x 47, Black

The seat cover is simple to set up for your dog. If you like simple product and don't like to complicate stuff, then this one is for you. Its one of Amazon´s products and it has all what you could need in a dog seat cover. It’s waterproof and tear safe and keeps a layer between your dog and your seats. The product has a add on weight at the base to shield it from sliding around if your dog gets somewhat eager on the ride. It’s sure to keep your back seat spotless and new with no hair or dog marks.


·      Bench Seat Covers

·      Nonslip and waterproof

·      Add on weight to keep cover in place

Follow the link to get this:

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Best Value for Money Car Seat Covers

Posted: 06 Apr 2020 03:32 PM PDT

If luxury cars seat covers is not your thing and you want to buy something practical but with long lasting quality, we have a list for you of the best value for money car seat covers.

DINKANUR Universal Car Seat Protector Cover PU Leather Bamboo Charcoal Car Interior Seats Mat Car seat Cover for Car Front seat (1PCS) (Black)

The size of this product is 53 by 51 cm and for those that use inches you are looking at 20.86 by 20.07 inches. The thickness is at aound 1.5 cm. The seat cover is made out of PU fabrics and uses bamboo charcoal internally. It can perfectly fit most case with the following cars list-
VW: Golf, Beetle, Caddy, Passat, Polo, Jetta ,Magotan,CC…; For Toyota:RAV4,Corolla,Camry,Crown,Reiz,Ralink…; For Honda:Odyssey,Accord,Civic…;for Nissan:Teana,Trail,Sylphy,Loulan.,Qashqai…; For BMW: 1 / 3 / 4 /5 Series, X1/ X4 /X5…; For Mercedes Benz C / E / GLA / GLK / GLC / GLE /GLS…; For Audi: A3, A4, A5, A6. Therefore in general it will cover most type of cars with no problem

Really comfortable
Easy to clean
Value for money
Handmade so of very good quality

Not suitable that there is no gap between the seat and the backrest.

Find out more information on Amazon

ARIES 3142-09 Seat Defender 23.5 x 58.25-Inch Black Universal Bucket Car Cover Protector

ARIES 3142-09 Seat Defender

If you are looking for something which is quick and easy to install, you will like the ARIES 3142-09 Seat Defender.
Its a simple product with all the key features and when it comes to value for money it is spot on the mark

The product Weight is 15.8 ounces and dimensions 3 x 10 x 14 inches

Use as need and easy to wash
Easy to install

Deteriorates and disintegrates after a year or more of constant use
They did not stay in place constant adjustment is needed

Find out more information on Amazon

FH Group Universal Fit Full Set Flat Cloth Fabric Car Seat Cover, (Black) (FH-FB050114, Fit Most Car, Truck, Suv, or Van)

FH Group Universal Fit Full Set Flat Cloth Fabric Car Seat Cover

This seat cover comes in nearly every color combination, from blue to green and from yellow to orange. It is one of those seat covers that is great value for money. This product always sells out on amazon as it one of the customer choose. They take a bit of time to get insstalled within your car but once done you can enjoy the soft and comfortable like feel. It feel great on those cold days when you warm up the car and eveything feels so cosy. It great for animals and with a standard car vacum cleaner you can easily remove pet hairs from your seats giving them the new look again.


Easy to vacuum

Nice and soft

Good for pets


On lighter colors you notice the dirt

Takes about an hour to fit

Plastic clips snap Easily

Find out more information on Amazon

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10 Best Car Seat Covers for Leather Seats

Posted: 05 Apr 2020 03:49 PM PDT

Not everyone likes leather, however if you do and want to preserve your car seats, put on some leather seat covers in your car. In cars it can make them even more charming. We know how much you love your car and want to keep your seats up to standard and these covers can be the way to go.

Give your vehicle an economic redesign by covering your seats with a decent cowhide seat spread. Leather has its method for making any vehicle inside looks acceptable. It likewise feels excellent to the touch and helps keep you feel comfortable while you ride or drive.

Utilizing one of the best 10 best leather car seat covers in 2020 is the keen method to improve your vehicles’ inside look. Furthermore, you will set a standard that should keep going for years to come.

1- FH Group PU205013 Ultra Comfort Highest Grade Faux Leather Seat Cushions (Solid Beige) Rear Set – Universal Fit for Cars Trucks & SUVs

Design your car’s interior with FH Group leather seat covers, having an irresistible appeal and design, these beauties right away. Step up your car’s game with new ultra-comfortable leather seat covers. They’re unlike any other, designed to give you a high-class aesthetic. At the same time, the exceptionally plush underlining provides you with supreme comfort. Top-quality faux leather backed with thick, high-density foam to create top resilience that holds the cover in its shape and keeps the cover from flattening out. It is soft to the touch, durable, and rub resistant.

Keeping up the class, we know how much your safety is essential, Airbags are compatible. Safety belt buckles can be exposed, and two pockets are convenient for storing small stuff.


  • Non-slip silicone interior 
  • removable or adjustable headrests on
  • Super easy installation

Check the latest price on Amazon

2- LUCKYMAN CLUB 5 Car Seat Covers Full Set with Waterproof Leather Universal for Sedan SUV Truck Fit for Most Hyundai KIA Honda Mazda Nissan Toyota Chevy (Black Full Set)

Feel like you are on top of the world with PVC leather in your car.  The luxury of this seat cover is out of this world. Cars have been transformed by just adding these covers and if you are about to you're your car, you can create a great impression asking a bit more on the sale price. Compatible with Airbags, this leather is quite wear-resistant and waterproof. PP cotton guarantees the cover stay in good shape for years. Keys will not scratch the leather under normal conditions. If the covers get dirty, you can wipe it clean by wet towels easily.


· Compatible with airbags

· Water-resistant

· Can be used for a wide variety of cars

Check the latest price on Amazon

3- Black Panther 1 Pair Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Covers Cushions Front Seat Bottoms Protectors, Compatible with 90% Vehicles (Sedan SUV Truck Van MPV) – Black, Triangle Pattern (21.26×20.86 Inches)

Get full interior car seat protection with this PU leather seat cover set. It will cover up to 5 seats and make sure your car’s interior remains its best. The easy to install seat covers should only take you a few minutes to put on. Just make sure to follow the directions carefully. BLACK PANTHER luxury PU leather car seat cover perfectly fits small, compact, medium-sized hatchback, sedan, SUV, MPV, vans and trucks, even looks like a glove.

 It can protect the original seat from wear, also give your car seat a new look.


· Available in multi-colour

· Easy to install

· Non-slip bottom

Check the latest price on Amazon

4- Big Ant Breathable 2pc Car Interior Seat Cover Cushion Pad Mat for Auto Supplies Office Chair with PU Leather (Black)

Big Ant Car Seat Covers with good air permeability, breathable material and personality design for 2 pockets; it is an excellent choice for your car seat!

When your child is sitting on, this car seat mat with anti-slide design protects them from falling off. Also, it is made in PU leather; don’t worry about the stains, they are so easy to clean!


  • Anti-slide rubber
  • Stainless
  • Intense heat protection

Check the latest price on Amazon

5- Aierxuan 5 Car Seat Covers Full Set with Waterproof Leather, Universal Fit for Most Sedan SUV (Black and Red, full set)

Let’s step up the game and take your car to the next level with Aierxuan car seat covers they are made for you to fall in love with them. Having these seat covers in your car will make you fall in love once again with your car interior. With upgraded seat pillow cover and side straps for fixings that make your airbag almost invisible. The Airbags has enough room to stretch and will never be blocked. The front seatback has enough pocket´s so you have so much to choose from


· Easy to install 

· Only for rear seats

· Airbags compatible

· Waterproof

Check the latest price on Amazon

6- PTOWL Cartoon Full Set Universal Fit 5 Seats Car Surrounded Waterproof Leather Car Seat Covers Protector Adjustable Removable Auto Seat Cushions (RED)

The seat covers that are loved by nearly every kid around the world, the kids will love you every time you take them for a ride. They will have so much fun while being protected by this cartoon themed full set Leather seat covers. They are look top class in your car’s interior and well as showing that you have a fun car for all the family. With PU leather, make your little ones fall in love with your car too.


· Universal Fit

· Easy to install

· Fit for all seasons

Check the latest price on Amazon

7- INCH EMPIRE Easy to Clean Car Seat Cushions Man-made Leather – Universal Fit Car Seat Cover for Corolla Cruze Legacy Malibu Maxima Tacoma (Black with Red Line Full Set)

Soft touching wrinkle resists waterproof environmental friendly human made PU leather from Inch Empire. Let your car speaks for itself and the only thing it will be saying is class. Available in different shades with the spongy feel to increase the durability.


· Light Weight

· Airbags Compatible

· Non-slip material

Check the latest price on Amazon

8-     LUCKYMAN CLUB Leather Car Seat Covers fit Sedan SUV fit Lexus Rx350 Hyundai Elantra Sonata Tucson Mitsubishi Outlander Acura Tl Tsx Gmc Terrain Infiniti Qx4 (Full Set, Black and Blue)

Besides covering all 5 seats in your car, you get a fierce look with this black PVC leather, rayon and cotton seat cover set from Lucky Man Club. Plus, if you do not want black, you can get these seat covers in a variety of colours and colour highlights to further enhance your car’s interior. Also, the environment-friendly material is durable, reliable and easy to keep looking beautiful and functional. Its stain-resistant nature makes sure you can use these seat covers for years. 


· Variety of colours

· Easy to install

· Airbag compatible 

Check the latest price on Amazon

9- Red Rain Purple Car Seat Cover Leather Auto Seat Cushion Covers Cute Car Seat Cover 2/3 Covered 11PCS Universal Fit Car/Auto/Truck/SUV (A-Purple)

Keep your car’s interior looking new with this PU leather car seat cover set and feel the touch of Royalty. The protected look will add value to your car when you go to resell it. Also, the eco-friendly material is durable, reliable and easy to keep looking beautiful and functional. Its stain-resistant nature makes sure you can use these seat covers for years.


· Stain Resistant

· Easy to install

· Airbags compatible

Check the latest price on Amazon

10- JOJOHON Crown Car Seat Covers, Fully Surrounded Unisex Seat, Winter Leather Seats Car, PU Leather and 3D Breathable Fabric (Black-White)

Other than covering every one of the 5 seats in your vehicle, you get a simple look with this dark PU calfskin, rayon and cotton seat spread set. Also, on the off chance that you don’t need dark, you can get these seat covers in an assortment of hues and shading features to additionally improve your vehicle’s inside. 

Additionally, the eco-accommodating material is tough, solid and straightforward to continue looking decent and great. Its stain safe nature ensures you can utilize these seat covers for a considerable length of time. For included solace, these ocean covers accompany 4 pads. Rest your head and back while you ride.


· Stain Resistant

· Easy to install

· Easy to clean

Check the latest price on Amazon

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