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Driving Fast Cars Tips And Tricks For Better Performance

Posted: 29 Jan 2013 06:23 AM PST

Chrises Cars - Driving Fast Cars Tips And Tricks For Better Performance

Driving Fast Cars Tips And Tricks For Better Performance – If you are one of the lucky few who will taking control of a supercar such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche – remember, having 400 horsepower under the hood doesn't mean anything if you don't know how to use it.

So lets kick off with our 7 driving fast cars tips and tricks.

1. Smoothly Does It

If there's just one thing you take away from these tips, then it should be the importance of driving smoothly. It's the single aspect that will do the most to improve both performance and safety.

Think about it, if you're driving smoothly you can make the most of the available grip and maintain control of the car at higher speeds. The faster you go, the more your grip will reduce, so whilst you might be able to get away with jerky clutch control in your every day vehicle, you'll soon find super cars protesting.

2. Take The Racing Line

If you are planning to take your car to a track then follow the racing line. This line is the route around a track that will give you the fastest time. Whether you're driving a super car or a beat up banger, taking the racing line will dramatically reduce your lap times.

If you want to get a head start on learning the best line to take, tune in to any kind of motor sport, you'll see how the drivers come into corners at the widest possible angle and then move in to almost touch the apex of the track. This route allows drivers to put their foot down at the earliest possible opportunity when leaving the corner, allowing you really to get the most out of all those horse power.

3. Get Your Seat Right

Getting the elementary stuff right, like ensuring your seat is in the correct position, is really important in order to drive safely and get optimum performance out of your vehicle. If you sit too far away from the wheel it can make it difficult to respond in the case of an emergency.

So make sure that when you're sat in your seat, with the belt fastened of course, that you can reach the top center of the steering wheel with both your hands. Your elbow should be slightly bent so you're able to turn the wheel effectively. The faster you're traveling, the less time you have to react, so getting the right position is vital.

4. Get To Grips With Over Steer

Over steer happens when you're going at speed around a corner and the back slips out, it's important to know how to prevent this as it's one of the main causes of accidents.

Loss of grip in the rear tires sets over steer in motion, this can happen due to a number of factors such as breaking whilst cornering, entering the corner too fast or lifting off the accelerator mid corner. Whilst prevention is the best form of cure, if you find yourself in an over steer situation you'll need to know how to counteract it.

It's vital that you keep your front wheels pointing in the direction that you want to go, failure to do this will result in a spin. However, you need to exercise caution as too much or too little turn can also cause problems.

It's a delicate skill that can take time to master, so get to grips with it in a safe environment such as on the track. Remember though, essentially over steer is just slowing you down, you'll get round the track far quicker if you can avoid it entirely.

5. Straight Line Breaking

If you're breaking whilst turning this can cause over steer, so always break in a straight line and apply pressure firmly and evenly. Ensure you leave plenty of time to break before you enter corners, it's far safer to go slowly into a turn and quickly out of it.

6. Controlled Cornering

In order to maintain speed whilst cornering use your momentum to carry you around the turn, no matter how tempted you might get, only apply the accelerator on the exit. This will allow you to take the corner in a well-controlled and safe way, whilst enabling you quickly to increase your speed in time for the straight.

7. Adapt To The Road Conditions

If it's wet and foggy you'll have reduced traction and visibility, so don't think you can get away with driving in the same way you would usually. Failure to adapt to road conditions is one of the leading causes of accidents, regardless of whether your car is on the road or a track.

Also remember that on a rainy day your breaking distance will be reduced and you'll have much less grip.


If you have any other driving fast tips then share them with us in the comments section below.

Source: Auto Candy

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Caractere Porsche 911 By Belgian Tuners

Posted: 15 Jan 2013 09:26 AM PST

Chrises Cars - Caractere Porsche 911 By Belgian Tuners

A car tuning company from Belgium have released info on their latest creation the Caractere Porsche 911. This sports features a much more sportier body kit but no performer modifications.

Unlike their German "rivals", TechArt and Gemballa, the Belgium-based company Caractere promises a pure aesthetic upgrade for the new Porsche 911, with modifications mainly concerning the exterior of the Stuttgart legend.

It hasn't been long since the new Porsche 911 came out, but it's been here long enough to cause some serious rumble on the tuning market. Therefore, after companies like TechArt or Gemballa had their turn, it's time for Caractere to leave a mark on the newly-launched 991.

It comes as no surprise that the Belgians will work only on the aesthetics of the car, as the Werbomont-based tuning team cares a lot about the exterior of the German icon. Thus, the new Caractere Porsche 911 got a brand new, reworked front end, which stands out both because of the longer spoiler, as well as the additional air vents.

caractere porsche 911 6

These features have also been added to the sides of the car. Last but not least, the special Caractere treatment for the latest Porsche includes a diffuser and a rear spoiler – both fairly generous in size and freshly installed in the rear of the German supercar.

In addition to that, the Belgian company also thought about the 911 owners who wish something more than a "new" aerodynamics kit, offering an exhaust system with 4 mufflers or a five spoke wheels, available either in 20 or 21 inches.

Check out more pictures of the Caractere Porsche 911 in the gallery below.

Source: Cars VW

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Classic Bentley Meteor Powered By A 826 hp Spitfire Up For Sale

Posted: 14 Jan 2013 05:54 AM PST

Chrises Cars - Classic Bentley Meteor Powered By A 826 hp Spitfire Up For Sale

This Bentley Meteor is currently up for grabs in the UK and even though this car looks like its from the 1920′s it has been kitted out out with all mod cons and can hit an amazing 160mph.

Bob Petersen deserves a cold beer. Or three. That's because he's responsible for what can be defined as "the greatest car ever to go around the Top Gear track": the Bentley "Meteor".

You probably remember this car; mainly because it has such a loud engine you might still hear it howling in your head. Yeah, it's that car, the car that looks like it's from the 1920s, built from scratch and powered by a Spitfire engine. You heard me, a Spitfire plane's engine!

That means this article can have the "the best" tag attached to it, as this car is now for sale and its price is "over 500.000 GBP".

For that money, not only do you receive an ode to the "Bentley Boys" era (a group of rich auto enthusiasts that made the 1920s Bentley go on to win in motorsports), but you also get a 27-liter Rolls-Royce Meteor engine, also derived from the plane engine Merlin that powered the Spitfire and Lancaster planes during World War II, an engine that delivers 862 horsepower.

Classic Bentley Meteor Powered By A 826 hp Spitfire Up For Sale 2

As you may recall from the episode it first appeared in, the car is strapped to a 19-feet chassis from the 1930s Rolls-Royce Phantom, a 400 liter fuel tank and a top speed of 160 mph. Attempting to fill the gas tank will leave you broke but trying to reach its top speed will require more balls than a ball pit.

Bob spent three years building this Bentley, equipping it with electronically assisted steering and disk brakes. All this effort made him drive around the TopGear track in 1m and 50s, easily surpassing the BMW Brutus which was up against him.

The classic cars experts over at Coys have put it on sale. Forget about its mileage of 2 mpg and forget about the fact that you can't use it for shopping. I mean, who wouldn't want this in their garage?

Check out more pictures of this amazing Bentley Meteor in the gallery below

Source: Cars VW

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Kepler Motors Motion Hybrid Electric Supercar Video

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 05:28 AM PST

Chrises Cars - Kepler Motors Motion Hybrid Electric Supercar Video

The Kepler Motors Motion Hybrid Electric Supercar has been in development for the past few years and now the company have finally released a video of this electric monster on the road.

Kepler Motors has created an environmentally friendly beast with their Motion Hybrid supercar that goes from 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds! Not bad for a hybrid! Kepler Motors has been working under the radar on its its super-lightweight hybrid for nearly three years.

Now, the company has released its first official videos of the car in full force. Like other hybrid vehicles, this one combines a traditional mid-mounted, rear-wheel drive gasoline engine, and all-electric front axle. Power to the rear wheels is rated at 550 horsepower, thanks to the same Ford-built, 3.5-liter, twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6 engine found in cars like the 2013 Ford Taurus SHO.

Watch the Kepler Motors Motion Hybrid Electric Supercar Video below and give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Dub Magazine

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How To Get Best Price On New Car – Top Techniques

Posted: 02 Jan 2013 09:20 AM PST

Chrises Cars - How To Get Best Price On New Car – Top Techniques

If you are looking to buy a new this year then before you race of to the dealers check out these top tips on how to get best price on a new car.

What's not to love about a new car? It has state-of-the-art navigation and audio systems, flawless tires, a gleaming finish, purring engine and soft upholstery – and that new car smell that has to be one of the most seductive aromas around. If you're in the market for a new car, we've got a few tips that will get you all of those exciting features, at the best price.

Dealers are experts at selling new cars, but the good news for canny buyers is that dealers don't hold all the cards. The thing is, you as buyer have the final say in whether or not a sale is made – so remember this!

Take your time when you decide to buy a new car. Don't even think of stepping into a showroom until you've done some serious research; a few hours online can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars!

  • Take a flexible attitude; you may have an ideal make and model in mind initially, but be prepared to consider other options if they offer you more benefits.
  • Be systematic; make detailed notes or create a spread sheet so that you have all the information you need at your fingertips when the time comes to make a purchasing decision – right down to the minute details like wheels and car battery options.
  • Do extensive research into current prices in the market – including second-hand car prices. It's best to be aware of all of your options.
  • Look into other expenses related to car purchase and ownership, such as insurance and registration charges, which can affect costs, and influence your decision.
  • Decide what options you need before you visit showrooms, and don't let the sales person push you into choosing features you don't want.
  • Remember the run-out model, which may have all of the features of the newest model, but at a bargain price.
  • There is pressure at the end of the month or end of the quarter (March, June, September and December). Dealers and sales staff are likely to be under pressure to meet targets. At these times, they may be more open to negotiating and making compromises to secure sales and keep their numbers up.
  • Be canny when it comes to trading in your old car. Avoid getting into any negotiations about trade-in values until you and the sales person have agreed on the final purchase price of your new car. A private sale of your old car may be a better option for you.

Your dealer will undoubtedly have more experience as a car seller than you have as a car buyer. Don't be intimidated by this: it's you, the buyer, who has the money and the last word. If you feel rushed or pressured by a sales person, ask for more time to think about the deal. Know your budget price, be informed about the current market conditions for the type of car you're looking for, stay confident, and consider the transaction in a relaxed, unpressurized environment.

Source: Raw Autos

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MG6 available with 1.9-liter diesel engine in UK

Posted: 27 Dec 2012 02:25 PM PST

Chrises Cars - MG6 available with 1.9-liter diesel engine in UK

MG6 with 1.9-liter DTi-TECH turbodiesel engine

MG6 available with 1.9-liter diesel engine in UK

MG has introduced a diesel engine for the MG6 sold in the United Kingdom.

This is a 1.9-liter turbodiesel engine Ministry of Trade and Industry-TECH, and Grandma’s MG parent company SAIC Motor. It is capable of 4 – cylinder develop hp 148 (110 kW) and maximum torque of 258 lb-ft (350 Nm) reached at 1,800 rpm. Energy is sent to the front wheels through a transmission 6-speed manual.
MG6 with 1.9-liter DTi-TECH turbodiesel engine 1

According to MG, with this oil burner can reach the car 62 miles per hour (100 km / h) in 8.9 seconds on its way to a top speed of 120 miles per hour (193 km / h). It allows the car to return 46.1 mpg UK (38.3 mpg U.S. or liters 6.1 / 100 km) in the city and 59 mpg UK (49.1 mpg U.S. or liters 4.7 / 100 km) on the highway and 53.5 mpg UK (44.5 mpg U.S. or 5.3 liters / 100 km) in the combined cycle, with CO2 emissions of 139 g / km.

Rates of 16995 GBP according to ABS standards with brake force distribution, and a hill, stability control system, emergency brake assist, air conditioning and front / rear electric windows.

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